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Micro Scalextric My Sims Micro Race Set My Sims takes to the race track with this crazy cool racing set! Choose either Chaz or Morcubus and set out on this crazy circuit complete with side sweep secti ...
£19.99 See offer
Micro Scalextric Team GB Track Cycling Velodrome Set Micro Scalextric is ideal for the younger slot racer and the perfect introduction to the action-packed world of Scalextric racing - an official product of Team ...
£49.99 See offer
Micro Scalextric James Bond Skyfall James Bond rarely goes for a drive without it turning into a chase at breakneck speeds packed with high-octane stunts and an explosion or two thrown in for good ... In Stock
£50.00+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
Micro Scalextric Fast and the Furious Set It's Fast and it's Furious with this Micro Scalextric Set. Over 3.6m of track 1:64scale cars containing magnets for extra grip Mains power Nine track layout alt ...
£47.99 See offer
Micro Scalextric 164 Scale The Simpsons Grand Prix Race Set Who would win in a high-octane race between a ten-year-old mischief maker and the safety inspector of a nuclear power plant? Everyone's favourite Springfield du ...
£23.41 See offer
Micro Scalextric GT Car No 26 (Black) open in new window Micro Scalextric G2159 1:64 Scale GT Car in Black with Union Jack Livery No 26
£12.08 See offer
Micro Scalextric GT Car No. 31 (Green) open in new window Micro Scalextric AccessoryGT Car1:64 ScaleIdeal For Younger Slot RacersNot compatible with standard Scalextric track and sets
£10.55 See offer
Micro Scalextric 164 Scale Turbo GT Race Set Two highly decorated Audi R8 GT3 racers face each other on this challenging circuit which features a hairpin turn and lap counter. Micro Scalextric is designed ...
£47.69 See offer
Micro Scalextric 164 Scale Hyper Cars Race Set Two record breaking Bugatti Veyrons race on this challenging track. Micro Scalextric is designed for the younger slot racer and is the perfect introduction to t ...
£28.48 See offer
Scalextric Micro Pro Driver This Scalextric Micro Pro Driver set is perfect for the younger racer. This great set features an exciting hairpin curve, automatic lap counter and power level ... SCALEXTRIC
£39.99 See offer
Micro Scalextric Rally Dirt Racers Get ready for some extreme dirt-track action as the twin rally cars go head-to-head on the track. Contains 2 fully liveried 1:64 scale rally cars. Track length ...
£37.65 See offer
Micro Scalextric James Bond Spectre Set open in new window Go head to head with the Aston Martin DB5 and Aston Martin DBS with many alternative track layouts!
£47.97 See offer
Micro Scalextric Grand Prix Legends Micro Scalextric Grand Prix Legends Two legendary Champions go head to head...there can be only one winner. This brand new set features the new Mercedes GP of s ...
£34.99 See offer
Karting Set open in new window Micro Scalextric Race Karts G1120 Set contains: 2 cars track controllers power supply and accessories
£44.55 See offer
Rally Dirt Racers Strap in and race off the start line at breakneck speeds, keeping a steady hand on the trigger to guide your rally car around this incredible Micro Scalextric t ... In Stock
£80.00+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer

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... The space needed to set up is 200cm by 120cm by 435cm.The Best Deals micro scalextric systems such as the Simpson’s Skateboard Chase set offer younger children a way to join in the racing fun. This smaller and cheaper version of ...

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... that’s comfortable even when your child is sleeping. For playtime, the micro scalextric collection includes all his favourite characters, from Cars to Simpsons.A Moses Basket is great when you want to be able to take your napping baby ...

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